High Grade Japanese Koi
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Koi Pond Design and Build

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Q/ What is the minimum size pond for koi?

A/ Ideally the minimum size pond for koi would be 3000 gallons but many people cannot afford or accomodate this and house koi happily in ponds half that size

Q/ What size do koi grow to?

A/ Koi can grow over 3 feet in length and grow rapidly. This should be taken into account when stocking your pond.

Q/ How long can koi live for?

A/ Usually around 30 - 40 years, although in japan there have been reports of koi living for over 80 years.

Q/ What kind of filtration do i need for koi?

A/ There are many forms of filtration available on the market today, fron the standard multibay tio the ever popular bead filters. The main concern is that the bio capacity is sufficient to handle the stocking level and system volume. Always consult your dealer for advice.

Q/ What is a bottom drain?

A/ A bottom drain is a way of feeding a gravity fed filter from a drain at the base of the pond. This is by far and away the most effective feed for the filtration as all pipework, pumps ect can be housed externally from the pond.

Q/ What do i need a uv for?

A/ There are two forms of uv systems for ponds. The uv clarifier will prevent the growth and reproduction of algae spores preventing green water. The uv sterilizer uses high intensity uv light to not only prevent green water but significantly reduce bacterial levels in the pond.

Q/ How do i calculate the volume of water in pond?

A/ For gallons multiply the length x width x depth in feet then multiply answer by 6.25. A far more accurate way is to again multiply length x width x depth but this time in centimetres then divide answer by 1000. this will give you the volume in litres, just divide by 4.54 for gallons.

Q/ How do i calculate the correct pump?

A/ A general rule of thumb is you need to turn over 50% system volume per hour. So in theory the correct pump is simply a case of matching the pumps output to this figure. In practice however this is not the case as there are many variables to consider, ie type of filtration, system head, pipework lengths and manufacturers often inflated claims regarding pump performance. Talk to a suitably qualified person at your local dealer.

Q/ What size uv do i need?

A/ 10 watts per thousand gallons is the minimum. Note the flow rate should be considered, to slow and the algae can reproduce faster than the uv will kill it, to fast and the uv will not be affective. Remember you can't over uv! so if you are in direct full sunlight double the uv capacity

Q/ Do i need an air pump?

A/ We would say most definately, especially in the warmer months when the waters ability to hold dissolved oxygen is diminished but the demands for oxygen from the fish and filtration are greatly increased.

Q/ What is the best filter i can buy?

A/ There are many forms of filtration available and it stands to reason that the more money you spend the better filter you will get. Not all filters suit all ponds and pockets but its fair to say from our experience that the bead type filtration systems outsell other forms 10 to 1 on koi ponds. For goldfish ponds and ornamental ponds multibay filters will suffice.

Q/ Can i email for any further advice

A/ Feel free to email or phone should you require any further advice.